A brief background/history.

My name  is Behzad Ghassemlou, a Thymama cancer patient since 1996.  I am preparing this website for other patients and researcher to share their experiences and to get some ideas as how to deal with it.  Also to provide a source of information for their families and others.

Please note I am not a Physician. This website is not an official cancer information site or a scientific knowledge base. Just my personal experiences with the disease and its treatments.  It is imperative to discuss all your issues with your medical doctor. Internet could be a good source of information but by no means replaces advice of a medical experts i.e.  “Never Self Medicate”.


How Did I Found out!
It was early  spring back in 1996. I was working as IMS Manager for a Pharmaceutical company in Florida.  I wasn’t married and lived in Tampa Bay area.  It all started by heavy coughs, it felt like a bad flue,  but no fever, just lots of mucus and continuous coughs! It got really bad when I lay down to sleep! I couldn’t sleep…

Family Doctor kept changing antibiotics, giving me steroids (prednisone) and so on for weeks.  Anyway after a couple of weeks he sent me for X-Ray, and there it was. A big tumor size of an apple,  shoving into left lung which was clearly visible in the X-Ray!  We arranged for a CT- Scan and a Biopsy, which confirmed a large malignant Thymoma tumor…